On January 20th, Widex released a Super Power hearing aid called the SUPER that is a Receiver in the Canal (RIC).   This is the style of aid that has been all the rage for 4 years or so now, but was not available to those with a profound hearing loss.    Now it is!   The beauty of it is the cosmetics.   The tube that goes from the Behind the Ear aid into the ear is so thin that it can’t be seen if worn correctly.  Also, the “Receiver” or “speaker” is closer to the eardrum.   It is also a better feedback control situation.

This category (Power Aids) is moving forward.   It became digital a few years ago (way behind the rest of the categories) and then wireless (to cell phones/TV’s etc) within the last year (except for Phonak who was out there earlier)…now this!

Of course, surgeries are becoming a better option for those with a profound loss as well.   

I have some “dummies” to look at and am doing my first fitting of the aid this Saturday.


New location

We are so thrilled to be in our new spot. We are spending the long weekend AND Tuesday getting settled and then will be open Wednesday. It’s such a different set-up and all to serve you better we hope!

First Blog Entry


Well, you’ll be seeing this blog expand, and I hope you will speak back to me here!   We are in our eighth month of operation since purchasing the 28 year old company, Harborside Hearing of Falmouth.  (Darlene still operates under that name in Harwich).

It is going very very well.   We have so many things in store as the weather improves and everyone comes back “home”. 

Keep posted!

Regards,   Lianne and Stephanie

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